Principles of Psychiatric Treatment

For prospective patients:

Principles of natural psychiatric treatment

Though I prescribe conventional medication at times, if you are like most people you may not know that other methods of psychiatric treatment can work faster, more fully, and in a more lasting manner, with minimal or no side effects. If you are already receiving medications or psychotherapy, you are welcome to see me, but the aim of my psychiatric treatment is, when possible, to help people become truly well so they no longer need drugs or therapy.

These four principles guide my treatment:

  1. Psychiatric treatment should aim when possible for complete cure and not the mere control of symptoms.
  2. The best treatment stimulates you to heal yourself by mobilizing your inner resources.
  3. Such treatment that enables cure through self-healing should be natural (i.e. not involving foreign chemicals) when possible.
  4. Such natural psychiatric treatment that enables cure through self-healing should ideally benefit your overall health, i.e. both your mind and body. In other words, it should be “holistic.”