Natural Psychiatric Treatment Methods


Natural Psychiatric Treatment Methods

A system of energy medicine that treats the whole person with tiny doses derived from natural substances. Such remedies stimulate people to heal themselves, even from illnesses that conventional psychiatry considers incurable. As the remedies are not chemical drugs, they have no chemical side effects. They may be taken daily or at relatively infrequent intervals.

Nutritional Treatment

Alterations in diet and/or the use of nutritional supplements — vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.–prescribed in larger than usual doses can dramatically alleviate psychiatric and other disorders. Unlike prescribed psychiatric drugs, such supplements are usually natural elements in our daily diets.

Problem-Solving Psychotherapy

“Talk therapy” that helps individuals, couples, and families change the pattern of their behaviors, thoughts, feelings. Can solve problems not helped by other therapies. Therapeutic homework tasks are a common feature. At times it may include hypnosis, which improves the ability to focus comfortably and usefully on matters relevant to the solution of problems. Because of the rapid results it can produce, problems are often solved in fewer than 12 sessions.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A method of energy psychotherapy that consists of tapping on acupressure points in order to resolve psychological symptoms such as anxiety and some physical symptoms as well.  Considerable research has documented its effectiveness, which can be extremely rapid.


A set of treatments that involve prescribed exposures to either intense light or, occasionally, darkness; alteration of sleep-wake cycles; and the tactical use of melatonin (different than its common use as a sleeping pill) in order to benefit mood disorders (not only seasonal affective disorders, but also other types of depression, even bipolar disorder), ADHD, some eating disorders.  The effectiveness of these approaches, used far more widely in Europe, is well-documented; they can work with remarkable rapidity.