Performance Anxiety Is Your Friend

Performance anxiety torments many of us. As we prepare to speak, act in a play, perform musically or athletically or in any other way, self-consciousness seizes our minds. We imagine the audience’s gimlet eyes boring into us, judging every imperfection in our delivery and appearance. We fear that we will look or act foolish, say something wrong, stupid or offensive. They will laugh at us. We will not measure up. We will fail.

But then we make the problem worse.   We try to hide the anxiety, to act calm, to pretend. But that doesn’t work. Why? Because we try. Whenever we decide to try something, that word implies the coexistence of an opposing force that may thwart our efforts.…

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Working with Your Insomnia to Cure It

Many of us struggle with insomnia because our attempts to make ourselves sleep fail. We fight ourselves.

So what to do? First, stop fighting. Accept your insomnia. It exists for a reason. It may reflect your system’s attempt to solve some problem, possibly to make you aware of a problem you didn’t know about or have neglected. It may be your system’s message that you need to be doing something differently in your life—relaxing more, being less perfectionistic, moderating your consumption of certain foods, drinks, or drugs; exercising more, changing your job, spending more time with your family, spending less time with your family.…

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Two New Psychiatric Diagnoses, Also Bad For Your Health

DSM labels don't cure you

DSM Labels Cure No One


In my previous post, we examined some drawbacks to my profession’s
reliance upon psychiatric diagnostic labels.  To illustrate further drawbacks, I
have invented a diagnostic label.  This I term PDID, or Psychiatric Diagnostic
Identity Disorder.  It is, I contend, a core malady of countless Americans.  PDID has
two subtypes–PDID, Fragmented Identity Type and PDID, Lack of Identity Type.
First the Fragmented Identity Type.  Here patients subscribe to psychiatry’s
attempts to parse them into multiple entities, each seemingly with its own
ontological standing.  For instance, many patients have seen me for an initial
evaluation saying something like, “I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and
Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and I’m taking Zoloft for my OCD and Ritalin for my
ADD. …

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Cure of Psychosis with Homeopathy

“Do I need an exorcist?” Penny asks, for she is indeed possessed.

This plant can cure psychosis

Datura stramonium

It started a month before at a fundamentalist church service to which her new husband dragged her. During the offertory, when she saw the usher stare at her Penny felt Satan enter. Since that time, whenever she leaves their apartment she is terrified–of what, she knows not–and she awakens at night drenched with sweat and trembling from nightmares of the devil chasing her with homicidal intent. One night she screams and awakens her husband, who comforts her. However, on other nights she is too paralyzed from fear to move or whisper as she senses Satan’s presence in the room.

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Rapid, Natural Treatment of Depression

depressed-personWhat natural treatment produces the most rapid relief of depression of any known treatment (other than the intravenous administration of drugs)? About 60 percent of people who do this can feel substantially less depressed within twelve hours, often much sooner. I have seen its effects coax patients back from serious suicidal thoughts. This improvement requires neither a drug nor any high-tech electromagnetic apparatus. It does not require your calling an infomercial’s 800 number within the next five minutes to receive a special discount. Nor does it involve a trip to Lourdes. And it does not cost you a penny.

If you are old enough, you may recall the 1950s TV quiz show You Bet Your Life that Groucho Marx hosted.…

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